Cesar Silverio

Caregiver Homes Family and Behavioral Health Specialist

Bridgeport/New Haven, CT

Why did you choose Caregiver Homes? What do you like best about working here? I choose Caregiver Homes because of our model, the relationships we build and the communities we improve one family at a time. I like being in the field every day – each day is a different adventure. Visiting the homes of the people we help and feeling like part of their family is something that you don’t get everywhere. Meeting families for the first time is as good as coming back the following month. Additionally, I like how down to earth the upper management is. Our managers want to make us better professionals and there is a real sense of urgency when opportunities for improvement are identified.

How does Caregiver Homes make a difference in the lives of Caregivers and their loved ones? First and foremost, our model helps families stay together. Also, Caregiver Homes customer service is great. The families talk to real people, not answering machines. My coworkers are great professionals and the person behind the selection process is as good as the people that are hired, so families are getting a great team all around.