Melissa Comeau, RN

Caregiver Homes Clinical Practice Manager

Cape Cod, MA

Why did you choose Caregiver Homes? What do you like best about working here? I chose Caregiver Homes because I’ve always held the belief that it's easier to practice true holistic, person-centered care in a person’s home setting. This is where they are comfortable, surrounded by their family and their possessions.  This job allows me to enter into peoples’ homes and make a difference in their lives. As I help others with their mission, I am grateful to Caregiver Homes for providing the flexibility and growth that is valuable and meaningful to my career. 

How does Caregiver Homes make a difference in the lives of Caregivers and their loved ones? Upon joining Caregiver Homes I was inspired every day by the families I met and the care and dedication I witnessed. At Caregiver Homes, we provide meaningful support and validation to caregivers and their loved ones.  We gently coach the caregiver and consumer to set goals, identify barriers and ultimately help make their journey revolve around what is most important to them.