Regina Nelson, FNP, MSN

Caregiver Homes RN Case Manager

Merrillville, IN

Why did you choose Caregiver Homes? What do you like best about working here? During more than 16 years as a registered nurse, I came in contact with caregivers providing care in the home. Most had to quit their jobs and had no resources to assist them. Through Caregiver Homes I learned about the amazing concept: “No one takes care of family like family.” Now, as a Caregiver Homes employee, I understand I am part of something bigger. I count it an honor and a privilege to be a part of Caregiver Homes, serving the community and making a difference.

How does Caregiver Homes make a difference in the lives of Caregivers and their loved ones? I have experienced firsthand the difference Caregiver Homes makes. We provide coaching and ongoing support for caregivers to maintain quality of life for themselves and the person receiving the care. Soon after I joined Caregiver Homes, I saw an increase in confidence and self-worth from caregivers and their loved ones.