How Caregiver Homes is Making a Difference

At Caregiver Homes, we provide high-quality care that positively impacts the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.

The People We Serve

We support thousands of care recipients and their caregivers in Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Rhode Island.


We serve a diverse population - Ethnicity Distribution 

We work with people across a broad range of ages:

Caregiver Age (Average 45 Years)

We have expertise caring for people across multiple chronic conditions.

Our care recipients typically have an average of 3.5 chronic conditions. The most prevalent chronic conditions include:

How we are helping

Less Costly1

 On average, the Caregiver Homes program is approximately ½ the cost of a skilled nursing facility.

Longer stays at home2

People receiving care through our program experience longer stays in their home and in the community compared to those living in a skilled nursing home environment.

Fewer Falls3

Care recipients in our program experienced a fall nearly 3.5 times less than those in a skilled nursing facility.

1.  CGH Data on File 2013-2015. 

2.  CGH Data on File 2013-2015.

3. 2015 Caregiver Homes falls rate represents consumers in MA, IN and RI. Data: 0.88 per 1000 days vs falls rates for inpatient settings range from 3 to 5 falls per 1000 days.

Respite care improves outcomes

Caregiving can take a toll on caregivers, both physically and mentally. At Caregiver Homes we understand how important it is that caregivers receive support to maintain their own wellbeing, so our care teams work to ensure that families have a plan in place to allow the caregiver to take breaks for rest and recuperation.

Three quarters of families in the Caregiver Homes program use services that provide temporary relief to a primary caregiver, known as respite care services. These include alternate caregivers and adult day health programs.

Despite having more complex health situations, care recipients in families who use respite care services remain in the community an average of 3x longer than those who don’t (900 days compared to 300 days).

What we are hearing

A 2015 survey showed caregivers and care recipients in our program were very satisfied with Caregiver Homes.

94.3%of care recipients

94.8%of caregivers

...are very happy with the care that they receive through our program

84.6%of care recipients

83.2%of caregivers

...say Caregiver Homes has made their lives a lot better

85.5%of care recipients

...say the service of Caregiver Homes is a lot better compared to services through hourly care attendants/aides

96.6%of caregivers

...are likely to recommend Caregiver Homes to another caregiver

Source: Caregiver Homes retained SPH Analytics, a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified and CMS approved HEDIS Survey partner as our independent research firm. We partnered with them to conduct a study of caregivers/consumers assessing their overall satisfaction with our novel in home care program. The study was conducted October 2015–January 2016 among 1,401 caregivers and 1,087 consumers. Data reflects national panel results.