Your input matters

As a professional, you’ve seen firsthand the many decisions families face when considering full-time, in-home care. You understand that a caregiver’s commitment to provide the comfort of home while managing resources and understanding financial needs is not always easy. This puts you in a unique position to act as an advocate. 

Your insight and perspective can influence public policy and funding priorities. If you work with families who may benefit from Caregiver Homes and our Structured Family Caregiving model, we’d like to hear from you. If you’d like to join us in advocating for programs that provide support to caregivers and their families, please let our Government Relations team know by emailing, and we will be in touch when we initiate our next advocacy campaign.

For Policymakers

Policymakers face challenging issues as they seek to develop high quality systems for the delivery of long-term care. As our population ages and the demand for home and community-based services (HCBS) increases exponentially, state governments are pressed to evaluate features of managed models of care and to implement cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Our Structured Family Caregiving model helps states and their contracted managed care plans meet the growing demand for community care as a solution that:

  • Fully complies with federal HCBS requirements
  • Is sufficiently structured to support elders and people with disabilities with complex medical conditions at home, providing a real alternative to facility-based care
  • Extends the reach of traditional health care resources by empowering live-in caregivers to provide high-quality care

Our professional care teams build trusted relationships with committed caregivers through regular and personalized communication, coaching and home visits, which help families to:

  • Successfully and confidently manage care at home
  • Ensure adherence to proven care plans and effective engagement with the health care system
  • Reduce preventable use of costly hospitals and nursing facilities


For policymakers looking to learn more about the impact of Structured Family Caregiving, please contact our Government Relations team at